360 Video Production

Create immersive 360 content

360 video production is a great way to communicate with your audience and immerse them into your content.

You can place your audience in the moment, they can view the entire location that you are filming in, giving them a 360 video experience they can share with their friends.

It offers a new perspective as there is a lot to “show off” with 360 video production, as it encourages the audience to explore the scenery themselves and become part of the experience and the story.

A 360 video production gives the audience a video they can’t ignore as easily as other forms of advertising, it’s interactive and adds a level of personalisation – the viewer can choose what they want to look at.

360 video also gives the audience a video they can’t ignore as easily as other forms of advertising.

picture of a ticket for an event to show that we can a film 360 video production of an event

360 Video Event Filming

You've got an event coming up - imagine being able to produce a 360 video for the event that can be distributed to the people that weren't able to make it. You can let your audience relive the event and give them something to share with their friends.

social media bubbles of people talking about 360 video production

360 Videos on Social Media

360 videos on social media are increasing in popularity. With the adoption of services like YouTube and Facebook, who both now offer users the ability to watch 360 videos, you can create immersive, shareable content for your audience on their preferred social network.

a picture of different media platforms that your 360 video production can be displayed on

Immersive 360 Video Content

A 360 video creates immersion like no other media platform. It allows the viewer to move around the video by clicking and dragging their mouse across the screen. The viewer can choose what they want to see and view your story how they like to, creating a level of personalisation no other platform can offer.

a picture of the technology used for a 360 video production

360 Video Technology

Our 360 video productions use the latest in 360 video filming technologies. Depending on your budget, we can use a variety of different cameras and editing processes to complete your 360 videos. Let us know your needs and we can cater to them with the right production.