What’s one great way for you to promote your brand or product? Celebrity influencer marketing! By having a celebrity spokesperson poke fun at the selling points of your brand, you can get your message across in a unique way. In this anti-advertising world, people actively try to block adverts with on demands services and AdBlock software, brands must now get creative with how they promote their product and give people content that they want to see as well as share.

Ewan McGregor Knows More Than The Creatives In This BT Advert

Animated gif showing one of the creatives that spokesman Ewan McGregor has a problem with.

Here is one of the “creatives” explaining the advert

In this first anti-spokesperson advert, we see the actor Ewan McGregor surrounded by idiots. The advert the “creatives” want to achieve is a big, bombastic, million dollar movie style shot using stunts, celebrities, and fireworks. However, Ewan thinks that this is a way over the top for an advert.
The advert starts with a countdown and a giant explosion. A man crashes through a wall on a bike with fireworks exploding behind him. It then cuts to the director who yells “CUT!” as the stuntman crashes into the catering table. He then directs Ewan saying that they are ready for him. Ewan thinks that this is all a bit too much. He lists the things that BT-TV has to offer to the “creatives” and that there is no need for all this extravagance.

In an additional advert Ewan McGregor now objects to there being too little going on now (make up your mind will you). The advert has him just sitting there using a laptop as the Homehub does everything for him.

The campaign also has fake behind the scene videos with the Director, Ewan McGregor, as well as Robin Van Persie and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Ricky Gervais Is More Interested In Promoting His Own Shows Than Being A Spokesman For Optus’ Celebrity Influencer Marketing

Master of self-promotion, comedian/actor Ricky Gervais brokered a deal with Optus (an Australian broadband and cable company) to promote and advertise its deal to bring Netflix to Australia. Optus hoped that by using celebrity influencer marketing and Gervais they would conquer the viewing public and increase their market. Media Savvy Gervais with sheer hubris wrote and started in the adverts making them all about himself. he reluctantly mentioned Optus but in a mocking way, and seem to criticise them for paying him so much money to do so little and to help him advance his own career. He also uses this opportunity to promote his own shows rather than Optus.

There are multiples adverts in this campaign all with Ricky Gervais as the spokesman, one has him trying to get the viewer to watch the advert before they skip it then he just insults the viewers. Another has him mess up his line and laugh saying absolutely nothing about the company or the service they are offering.

Anna Kendrick Is Annoyed At Newcastle Brown Ale For Not Shooting A Super Bowl Ad With Her.

The facebook Cover images of newcastle brown ale's facebook page. the company that uses anna kendrick for their Celebrity Influencer Marketing

The Facebook covers that Newcastle Brown Ale has used.

Newcastle Ale is great at “anti-adverts” from their Facebook cover to their social media campaign asking people to send images of themselves so they don’t have to use stock photos

Every year Newcastle Ale tries to get a Super Bowl commercial made, once they piggybacked off the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest by entering their own commercial. Recently they tried to crowdfund an advert by getting together a bunch of smaller brands and trying to make a superbowl advert for all of the brands.

However the first time they mentioned trying to make a super bowl advert was with this commercial using Anna Kendrick as the spokesperson in their celebrity influencer marketing campaign. Anna Kendrick was going to be the star of the un-made advert and as the spokesperson for the company insults it and talks down the brand because she didn’t get her money and wasn’t able to fulfil her dream of being in a Super Bowl advert and being nude.

Channel 4 Use Alan And Jimmy Carr As Spokesmen For Multiple Brands For Their “Advert Hijack” Celebrity Influencer Marketing

One of the yearly traditions for Channel 4’s Gala event is that they bring in Alan and/or Jimmy Carr to make fun of adverts. With the companies blessing channel 4 make fun of some of the most popular adverts on television. The brands that channel 4 have lampooned are some very high profile brands including; Fosters, Ford, GoCompare, Lynx, and Cadburys.


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