“A new tool in your content production arsenal”

YouTube was one of the first dominant platforms to introduce 360 video production and 360-degree video delivery on the internet just one year ago. Along with YouTube, social media juggernaut Facebook has adopted 360-degree videos and images – making 360 video one of the leading technologies in content production. With these platforms taking 360 content to the masses, we have decided to explore some of the best 360 videos in 2016.

This type of video content is very popular because it allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the scene and take their viewing experience to the next level, more than they would with a regular, run of the mill video. In fact, with these videos, we can literally watch what we want and personalise our video experience. It adds an amazing level of interactivity and we’ve been blown away by the amount of innovative uses of 360 videos!

Here are some of the best 360 videos in 2016!

Don’t Breathe’s 360 videos is one of the best 360 videos in 2016

“Another way of doing advertising.”

Sony Pictures Entertainment has introduced another way of advertising. Indeed, they have released the first 360-degree video advertising on Snapchat in order to promote the horror thriller “Don’t Breathe”!

In fact, it’s a 10-second video which links to the full 360 advertising video above. This campaign has been essentially made to catch young Snapchat users in the UK, the United States and Australia. Speaking of Australia…

Tourism Australia’s 360 video is all about breathtaking views

“Traveling from your sofa.”

360 videos are also revolutionising the tourism industry! Indeed, this new format could be really useful for travel agencies because it’s an innovative and entertaining way to promote destinations. Also, with this new video format, you can literally travel from your sofa and discover fantastic places and landscapes like in the clip above. 360 videos allow you to personalise your video experience – you can choose your angle and watch what you want from the video.

Gillette and Discovery Channel Team Up For This Exhilarating 360 Video

“Share strong sensations.”

Because it’s much more immersive than basics videos, 360 videos can provide strong sensations! It could be interesting for companies that are looking to diversify their content marketing strategy. With this format, firms can now spread sensations and fun to their community. Just like you can see in the video above 😉

Robin Schulz’s 360 Video lets you be on stage in front of thousands

“Promoting events like never before”

So 360-degree videos are used to promote destinations but what about events?! This video was created during the performance of Robin Schulz and the result is quite cool! At this time, only pictures and basics videos are used to promote events but with this innovation, people could be part of the events to know if the concert or the festival is worth it or not.

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