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With the 2016 Olympics coming up in Rio we thought we would look at some of the best Olympic adverts we have seen. These are adverts that encompass everything that the Olympics stand for and are just great adverts all round.

The National Lottery’s Olympic Advert Shows The Opportunities They Give

London, 2012

Our first Olympic advert comes from the London 2012 Olympic Games (London has some great marketing campaigns already, don’t you know) and it is for The National Lottery.

It has one of the most powerful things an advert can have, great storytelling. The story of a mother who dreamed of running but at that time was unable to fulfil her dreams as life took over. But her daughter is able to fulfil her dream of running thanks to The National Lottery’s funding. Simple yet very effective with the mother detailing her life and how she has hopes for her daughter. The advert ends with the announcers ecstatic that “she is gonna win the gold”.

Visa Uses One Of China’s Most Well Known Celebrities To Promote Their Brand In Their Series of Olympic Adverts

Beijing, 2008

With the Olympics (or any international campaign, really) a great way to promote is to focus on what your country is famous for. One of the most well-known people from China is Jackie Chan. For the Beijing Olympics Visa had Jackie Chan try his hand (and all manner of other body parts) at table tennis, hockey, football and gymnastics with all his usual comical styling. This advert does something that not many Olympic adverts do. It is fun after all, isn’t that what sports are supposed to be. This wasn’t the only advert that Visa used Jackie Chan to help promote, there was a whole series, including cameos with Yao Ming.

McDonald’s Goes All Out using Star-Power With This Advert Featuring “The Dream Team”

Barcelona, 1992

The Olympics are full of stars, and this could not have been seen more than in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics which had the first American Olympic team to feature active NBA players. This McDonald’s advert focuses solely on star power (and that can be a very effective tool for adverts) with the likes of Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, and Chris Mullin advertising McDonalds “Gold Medal Meal” which includes collector cups featuring the Dream Team.

Samsung’s Olympic Advert Shows The Coming Together Of People As Well As The Weight Of The World On The Olympians Shoulders

Rio de Janeiro, 2016

The only advert on this list that’s from this year’s Olympics. But there is a reason it is featured here, It is another great example of storytelling as well as showcasing the spirit of the Olympics with the coming together of people. This Samsung advert pays tribute to the first Olympian from South Sudan (19-year-old 400m runner, Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan). It also shows the weight of the world that Olympians can feel with a whole country’s hopes riding on your success. A very powerful advert.


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