Here are 5 Ways You are Failing with your Content Marketing Strategy in 2016!

Your content marketing strategy is an important process of developing and sharing content to create and improve your company’s notoriety. According to the technology company CMO, building a content marketing strategy is the second most important initiative in the enterprise just after evaluating the ROI. Even if it looks easy, most of the time marketers are making mistakes in their strategy and here are 5 examples of mistakes you can avoid in your content strategy in 2016.

1) Overlooking your audience

It’s so common for companies to not have a defined audience, it’s a shame – as you’ll be creating content that suits the masses . It’s a big mistake to not know who you are aiming at, should you be professional? personal? fun? The tone of voice and the content will be totally different…!

So, lesson one – educate yourself on your audience and your followers on social media, use tools such as Google Analytics and don’t be afraid to interact with them because the better you know them, the better you will be able to understand what their expectations are and you can meet their needs! So why not start right now!?

Here is a quick tutorial video about audience reports on Google Analytics – GA is a really powerful tool for understanding your audience.

Another great tool is Hubspot’s buyer persona creator

2) Not evaluating your content’s performance

Now you know your audience, you can share appropriate content, but there is no need to do this if you are not able to measure the performance of your regular posts!

By using tool metrics such as Buffer and Google Analytics not only will you be able to know what type of content is successful but also what content underperforms which can sometimes be even more important, because it helps you to understand why a campaign has failed. Maybe the timing was not good? The tone of voice was not appropriate? There are many factors that you should consider here.

This video will show you in few seconds how analysing the content’s performance with Buffer.

3) Botching SEO strategy

a boy in a hat making a content marketing strategy on a white board

SEO strategy is king

Too many companies are not focused on their SEO strategy, because sometimes it could be long and annoying (yeah, admit it ;)). Even if it’s not very entertaining, SEO is crucial in your content strategy because it helps your content be discovered, thus people will discover your company.

You will be able to generate traffic on your website if you are using the appropriate keywords in your article but also in the title, description, tags…

This part is a real key in your business because there is no point in creating a good article if your post can’t be discovered!

4) Quantity over quality

someone writing in a notebook on their desk about their content marketing strategy

Take your time

Your content marketing strategy shouldn’t just be about sharing random content to your audience. First of all, obviously, what you are posting need to be related to your organisation and useful for your followers.

It’s also crucial to analyse carefully the content you are sending on social media. If it’s a blog post, you should verify the sources, the syntax and also consistency, or for a video, make sure it’s not too long, it’s creative, and easy to watch.

Another key point in your strategy should be to diversify your content. There are so many ways to share ideas, methods, point of view, tips… You can use videos, articles, sounds, images and many others! If you use different mediums you can increase the visibility of your posts because every follower has their own favourite format, some prefer to learn by watching, others by reading, and some want to combine these two methods. So think outside the box and be creative !

5) Underestimating video content

According to Ascend2, 85% of companies found value in video marketing as a strategy in 2015. Furthermore, 47% said videos are increasing brand awareness and finally 45% said that video are a good way to increase online engagement according to the same source. That means that this medium is not just a simple way to entertain your audience but it’s also an outstanding way to enhance your reputation and increase your sales. According to Cisco, 80% of the internet traffic should be made by videos in 2019, so don’t miss the boat! 

Here are more statistics of video marketing in 2016



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