London! We’re the most influential city in the world – did you know that in just one 45 minute journey around London the average Londoner is exposed to over 130 adverts from more than 80 different products? Sure, most of them are fairly dull, but some are pretty stand out… here are some of the best marketing campaigns to pass us by.

Protein World’s marketing campaign asked Londoners if they are beach body ready.

Poster for Protein world for their London marketing campaign, asking Londoners if they are beach body ready.

Protein World believed that there is no such thing as bad PR, and they may be right considering how successful their marketing campaign in London was.

Not many people had heard of Protein World before they introduced these posters on the Underground asking if you are “Beach Body Ready”. As soon as these posters were introduced there was an immediate anti-advertising response from social media. Using the hashtag #eachbodysready multiple people claimed that the advert was sexist, misogynistic, and vulgar. A petitions was started to remove these adverts with over 70,000 signatures and the ASA was inundated with over 400 complaints.

The ASA ultimately decided that the campaign was not in breach as the term “beach body” is understood to be related to bodies similar to the one pictured in the advert.

The advert had so much fervour on social media that other companies started to make their own imitation adverts. Calsberg and both getting in on the act. All these imitation adverts brought even more attention to Protein World’s marketing campaign in London. And as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Many people consider the advert a failure with Campaign listing it as number one in their list of top 10 turkeys of 2015. However Arjun Seth the CEO of Protein World would disagree that this marketing campaign in London was a failure, he claimed that “sales have tripled and the PR department has got a bonus”. And he has a point, did you hear about Protein World before they introduced this marketing campaign in London?

Sky Atalantic’s polar bear running around London for fortitude’s marketing campaign.

To help promote their new show Fortitude, Sky Atlantic made an 8 foot tall animatronic and paraded it around the London Underground for their marketing campaign in London.

This marketing campaign had so much social media potential with Londoners taking pictures of themselves with this cuddly, animatronic model of the world’s largest land based predator and posting them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The polar bear was in actuality two puppeteers in a suit and took four weeks to make. The puppeteers had to study footage of polar bears to get the movement of the polar bear believable for the marketing campaign in London.

However, why they chose a polar bear to help them promote their psychological thriller about a murder in a desolate village, when the show has no polar bears present in it at all is unknown. But it did create a buzz around the show and the polar bear was adorable

Birds Eye’s iFreeze iSave marketing campaign In London with frozen, money filled billboard

picture of the frozen billboard with money inside used by birds eye for their London marketing campaign trying to get Londoners to freeze their food.

To help persuade consumers to use their freezers and reduce food waste, Birds Eye created a giant frozen “billboard” for it’s iFreeze iSave marketing campaign in London.

The 20ft billboard took more than a month to freeze and weighed over four tonnes. Inside the billboard was £700 in coins and notes in the shape of a fish. £700 is the average amount of money a family wastes on food each year. Londoners were able to collect the money from below the billboard as it melted.

Carlsberg marketing campaign at London City Airport, “If Carlsberg Did Cases”

Carlsberg’s well known slogan is “if Carlsberg did…” where essentially the company claims that if they were in any other industry they would be the best.

At London City Airport, Carlsberg surprised many passengers at baggage reclaim by giving them free crates of beer on the carousel as part of their marketing campaign (though if it was me, I might be a little annoyed that my luggage hadn’t come yet…)

Strangely Carlsberg decided to do this stunt even though Airports are planning to impose restrictions on purchasing alcohol at airports to reduce “Air Rage”. I guess giving them out for free is one way to get around that.

IMAX’s Marketing Campaign hiding Ant sized tickets around London to see Ant-Man

Picture of an ant sized ticket for ant-man in front of the houses of parliament in London for IMAX's marketing campaign in London.

To promote last year’s Ant-Man film, IMAX hid 100 ant-sized tickets all around London releasing clues on where to find them via social media.

The tickets were 5 x 10 mm (super tiny) and could be redeemed for a full sized ticket allowing the finder to watch the film at IMAX.

Many people took pictures of themselves with the tiny ticket when they found them (cue the ant related puns).


TalkTalk’s marketing campaign in London uses “Emoji people” to promote microsite

Picture of a man with an emoji face next to some London police officers. The picture was taken for TalkTalk's marketing campaign in London

Picture of three emoji people standing on the escalators of the London Underground. This picture was taken for TalkTalk's London marketing campaign.

Stand on the right!

To promote their microsite TalkTalk released a bunch of Emoji people on the streets of London. The microsite (which is now defunct) allowed users to test their knowledge of Emoji by asking them what each one meant.

Their marketing campaign in London allowed many people to take pictures of the emoji people and upload them on to social media. it also allowed TalkTalk to do some photoshoots in London to make images for people to share on social media incase they weren’t able to do so in London.


Jackpotjoy’s giant rubber duck sails through London for their marketing campaign

For their marketing campaign in London Jackpotjoy spent 3 months building a giant duck weighing more than half a tonne. They set sail on the river Thames passing many famous London landmarks to promote their Fundnation campaign.

Animated gif of the giant rubber duck traveling on the River Thames in London. The gif is from the video Jackpotjoy used to promote their marketing campaign in London.

At 6am the duck arrived at West India Quay, at 8.30am it was all assembled, and it set sail going past The O2 at 8.40. After a long journey in front of many of London’s landmarks the duck ended its trip by going under Tower Bridge at 10am.

This rubber duck marketing campaign in London is a great – it’s noticeable and very easy to get a picture to share on social media. How hard would it be to miss grabbing a picture of a giant rubber duck floating down the Thames!?



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