Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms and because of that it comes with many different opportunities to connect with customers. There are an abundance of features that you can use to enhance your presence on the social media.

One of the best methods of doing this is by utilising the advertising tools found on the Facebook business management console. Creating ads of Facebook is not that complicated, but how do you ensure that you’re getting that much needed attention on Facebook?

Here are some tips that you can choose to enhance your Facebook ads;

Set your advertising goals

Before you can begin to advertise on Facebook, you need to first establish your goals. What are you looking to achieve by advertising on Facebook?

Ask yourself the following questions;

– Am I looking to get targeted website traffic?
– Am I looking for direct purchases?
– Am I looking for newsletter sign ups for lead nurturing?
– Do I want to build an authority around my brand?
– Do I want more downloads on my app?

Take advantage of the Facebook audience insights

When you have insight about your customers, then you can be able to create a more meaningful and targeted messages. With this feature, you will be able to know exactly what the audience likes before you can create your ad copy. The feature will give you information based on the demographics of the audience, the location, their Facebook usage and their purchase habits.

facebook audience targeting

Use the Facebook tracking pixel

This is one of Facebook’s most powerful advertising features. This option is a must if you are looking to track the success of your campaigns.

When you advertising pixel is installed, you will be able to track direct visits from your Facebook ads to your website and use the remarketing features found on Facebook – meaning you can show ads to those who have previously visited your website.

screenshot of facebook tracking pixel install page

Create unique advertisements for different audiences

The beauty of using Facebook’s business management console is that you can create various different advertisements for different audiences. Define your audience properly before spending money on Facebook advertising, check the results and refine….then check again.

This data will allow you to create different ad copy based on the behaviour of your website visitors and previous clicks on your adverts.

Using killer image

A brilliant way to increase your click through rate is by creating ads with striking images. If you give your advertisement visual content, you are sure to generate more clicks on your ads, thus, more traffic! The images that you use should show your offering clearly and precisely – studies also show that imagery with pictures of faces get a higher click through rate.

Use the advanced targeting

Take advantage of the different targeting options that Facebook has. There are some incredibly powerful advanced targeting tools on the Facebook advertising platform. You are able to target your clients based very specific information…

Utilise targeting that suits your audience, here are some specific targeting options you have;

-Marital status

You might think ‘but I never put that information of Facebook?’ Well, Facebook’s data haul is not simply limited to what you put on Facebook, they use many data feeds purchased from third parties to allow advertisers more options.

picture of facebook audience insights

another picture of Facebooks audience insights

Set a realistic budget

If you don’t have a budget, you may end up spending more than you bargained for. Your first month of advertising is all about TESTING – begin with what you can afford to lose, as you will probably yield minimal return until you know what works for you.

Continue testing every month, set aside a portion of your budget for continued testing – test new audiences, new ad copy, new imagery and last but not least… DON’T GIVE UP.


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