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If your company hasn’t adopted a method of brand storytelling, you’re going something wrong. In the current digital landscape, you MUST adopt the method of brand storytelling in order to effectively market your product. Brand storytelling is all about creating an emotional connection to your brand (or product) and delivering your ideas to an audience more effectively.

Here are five great brand storytelling examples;

1. Apple

Here’s an early example of video brand storytelling. This ad was aired in 1984 apple of originally introduced the first Macintosh to the market. The ad clearly shows that apple was trying to make a great first impression, riding on the coattails of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

2. Dollar Shave Club

This ad will go down as one of the most successful video brand storytelling examples of all time. The ad was the launch video for Dollar Shave Club, a company that provides a subscription service for shaving products. Dollar Shave Club presented a world in which YOU can be a part of, highlighted all the pain points of using the shaving products the current market offers and threw this ad in the mix and things got shaken up!

3. M & M’s

This is an amazing example of brand marketing through storytelling in a movie. It is the film where Tom Cruise portrays hotshot NASCAR driver Cole Trickle. The ad successfully positions M&Ms by showing the loyalty of sportsmen with brands.

4. Google

This is one of my favourite adverts. It is engaging right from the outset and contains nothing but Google Searches – (watch it, you’ll see what I mean!) It’s a love story, and a good one at that!

5. GoPro

Again, a masterpiece of brand storytelling which teaches us a lesson on how we can win the hearts of the customers and viewers without even showing the product which is being marketed. This short ad shows that how a firefighter saves a kitten from a burning house.

The amazing thing about what GoPro have done with their overall strategy, is turn the users of their products into their own personal marketing army. This is pure disruption!

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