“Adventure makes you smarter” – Jonah Lehrer

Branded adventure travel films are often used in a companies communication strategy because they’ve got a track record of being successful! Why? They’re exciting and entertaining but did you know watching branded adventure travel films could help viewers to be more productive? This is not a joke! According to a study conducted at Indiana University, watching adventure content improves creativity at work. That means that when you’re looking at pictures of beautiful beaches during your break, technically, it’s good for you! Jonah Lehrer, the researcher in charge of the study said that the experience of another culture is a source of inspiration and this feeling is even more profound when we travel and discover new landscapes and new countries.

Now you can tell your boss that looking at that beautiful landscape on your machine is for the benefit of the company…

So, ready to boost your creativity?! Here’s our selection of the best branded adventure travel films!

“Adventure is not necessarily far”

A Weekend with Momentum Adventure: Eastnor Castle

The first branded adventure travel film is obviously one of our videos! With this content made for Momentum Adventure, you can not only see some four-wheel drive and motocross action around Eastnor Castle in Ledbury but also some drone stuff. So that proves you that you don’t need to go far to make branded adventure travel films. We shot in 4k and we’re quite satisfied with the result to be honest!

“Defy the law of gravity”

World Record: Double Loop Dare at the 2012 X Games Los Angeles | Hot Wheels

This video is quite impressive! Hot Wheels shows us what it looks like when toys come to life! The aim of the campaign is to defy the law of gravity. Indeed, the challenge is to realise two consecutive loops with cars which is an incredible performance. In fact, no one had done this before!

It took a year to create this amazing clip, but it was worth it – the brand broke the Guinness World Record for driving the largest loop in a car.

“Good example of guerrilla marketing campaign”

GoPro HERO3: Almost as Epic as the HERO3+

Take a little bit of GoPro user created content and a very upbeat music track and you have a perfect adventure travel film! It’s super effective, easy to catch and it’s also a very cheap strategy for brands because all the content is free (except the music). The advertising is powerful because the landscapes are absolutely magnificent and all the images have been taken from GoPros.

This campaign is a really good example of a guerrilla marketing campaign for all the companies, especially for small companies which are trying to have an efficient advertising campaign without a big budget.

“Red bull introducing a new discipline”

Dune Shredding – Snowboarding in the Desert

Red bullIn this clip, Red bull introduces a new discipline, did they think that snowboarding on a piste doesn’t feel good enough?! What about snowboarding on the sand of the United Arab Emirates desert, towed by a car!?

Polish snowboarder Wojtek Pawlusiak and Dakar rally veteran Kuba Przygoński gives you an idea of what this new sport could be and the result is quite cool 😃

“Making new from old”

Kane, Griezmann, Götze and Fabregas in B [READY] f. “Firestarter” by The Prodigy | Beats by Dre

Last but not least is the new campaign made by the brand Beats by Dre. When the video starts you instantly recognise “Firestarter” by The Prodigy in the background. The company has decided to adopt a ”making new from old” strategy with this new advertising campaign. All the video is made around the famous song and it’s very well made! You can see for example England striker Harry Kane playing with Antoine Griezman in the basement of a city, and obviously the video is in black and white to be as faithful as possible to the original music video.

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