Ensure you're not making these social media mistakes

Social media can be an effective way to promote a business however it’s not as easy as it may seem at first. Make sure that you are not making these common social media mistakes.

No Social Media Plan

So you want to start using social media to promote your business, well how hard can it be? Surely if you post something whenever you are free everything will be fine… right? No. Before you even set up your social media profiles you need a social media plan in place.

The plan will help you answer an often-overlooked question with social media and solve one of the more common social media mistakes, why am I using social media. Are you using it to engage with customers, to promote, to share, for branding purposes? What social media platforms will you use? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest? You really need to look at what your objectives are and how you can achieve them.

Ok, so you have a plan and know what content to put out on social media, everything is good now… right? Again, no. You need to have a plan in place for everything. What if something goes wrong? Do you have a contingency plan in place for your social media? Think of the worst-case scenario and what you could do to minimise its impact on your company. You may never use it but you will be thankful you had a contingency plan ready if you need it.

Incomplete Profile

One of the surprisingly common social media mistakes a company can do is not completing their social media profile, now most companies have included the basics for their profiles such as a profile picture and header, as well as a description of the company but tend to leave it at that.

With social media, you need to include as much relevant information as you can, a link to your website, a location, contact information. Anything that would give your audience some more information about you would be great.

Not Using The Social Media’s Strengths

Each social media platform is different; each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Twitter is great for networking, Instagram is great for humanising your company, and Facebook could be great to showcase your product. Try to implement multiple social media platforms, don’t just stick to one.

But don’t just limit yourself to just the most common social media platforms, have a look at some of the niche social media platforms that are relevant to your company examples include; dribble for design related companies, Dpadd for game related companies, Gentlemint a “Manly Pinterest”. There are so many different social media platforms you can use that will help your company stand out don’t just focus on Facebook because it is the most popular.

Branding Inconsistency

So you have a few social media profiles, but one of the more common social media mistakes is inconsistent branding. You need to ensure that the style of one of your social media profiles matches all the others, and whilst most companies do try to match their social media’s look one of the main social media mistakes is that the tone of voice between each social media is different, you may be vibrant and social on Twitter but on Facebook you are robotic and informative.

Now there may be a reason you are like that on Facebook compared to Twitter, maybe you did the research and found out that your audience prefers that, but if that’s not the case make sure that the tone of voice is consistent across all social media platforms.

Not Engaging

Social media is not one-way, it is designed to allow people to communicate, don’t just post something and leave it at that. Engage with people who respond to you, thank people for sharing your content, do whatever you can to engage.

And you don’t necessarily need to wait for someone to talk to you to engage, start some conversations with your audience, and reply to other people’s content. Be active on social media.

Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags allow more people to find your content, it is easier to spot the keywords that they are interested in or are looking for. It is also a good idea to find hashtags that are relevant to your audience’s interests and incorporate it into your social media.

So Many More Social Media Mistakes

There are so many social media mistakes that you could be making when using social media. Make sure that you are always checking your social media platforms constantly to make sure that you are not making any simple mistakes. It can be so easy to disregard social media mistakes, you need to be vigilant.

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