Here are 4 ways drones could change content marketing in 2016

Holy moly – according to some experts, the United States will have SEVEN MILLION drones by 2020! I think we can be fairly sure that these awesome pieces of technology are already taking over our daily lives. Today, they’re used in various branches of society – such as communication and distribution – but it’s just the beginning. Drone filming is TAKING OVER. They’re SERIOUSLY revolutionising content marketing this year and beyond!

1) With Video the Sky is the limit!

I think we can all agree it’s clear drones are changing the we shoot video and take pictures. These technologies allow for new viewpoints and perspectives, so there are a wide range of possibilities for your marketing campaign. Before, this kind of recording just wasn’t possible without a large budget – not anymore. Finally, these shots are accessible to the point that that everybody can have the privilege to record with a stunning new viewpoint, even the small companies.

Here is an incredible use of drone in a promo video:

GoPro + Drone Video in Dubai in 4K


2) A new physical medium

It’s not just filming, drones can allow companies to promote their product innovatively  – it’s not only a simple tool to create video content but it’s also a fantastic way to advertise personally to people as we see below:

Flying Collection – Colombo Black Friday


Camisaria Colombo made a campaign with drones during Black Friday. The idea of this Brazilian clothes company was simple – to fix mannequins on to drones with discounts for clothes and reach people instantly in a popular street of Sao Paulo.

The impact of this campaign was immediately effective because people can see the drones and the mannequins far away and – they got curious. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? This huge viral hit shows people recording on their smartphones the mannequin’s invasion (and presumably shared on social media!)

3) Drones become actors

As we just saw, content marketing with drones isn’t limited to just carrying cameras. At their launch, drones were badly perceived by the public because they were strange and not really reliable in consumer’s minds – however now they’re on the horizon to serve us! Amazon are on a mission to change the public perception of the tech, and they’ve made a drone the co-star of a campaign (alongside Mr. Clarkson) with a custom Prime Air drone!

Amazon Prime Air


This advertising campaign promotes a new way to deliver products to customers (with an incredible actual use case!) This service is not yet available… but watch this space.

4) A hub of emerging technologies

What’s next? At the moment, the use of drones is limited, by technology and soon to be laws! Their use is restricted to only simple actions (shooting videos, promotions…) but with further emerging technologies on the horizon (VR/AI etc) – the potential of the drones shines bright in content marketing. We can imagine in the future, drones will deliver our products from supermarkets – but what about flying a drone with no distance limit and discovering the world from your sofa?

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