Video production offers a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience. This explains why so many companies are jumping on the video bandwagon to reach customers and potential clients.

According to Brainshark, by 2017 it is estimated that 74% of all internet traffic will consist of video.

Businesses are working hard to be a part of this trend, posting everything from standard online ads, animated infographics and testimonials. Any business that wants to market effectively must include video in their overall marketing strategy.

Identifying Your Audience

The internet is used by everyone – from five-year-olds to the elderly. And as any good marketer knows, you have to cater to your audience. A market of teenagers is far different than a market of business executives and your video strategy will need to take this into account. You may already know your primary market, or you may need to do some analyzing through surveys and other methods to get an idea of who you are speaking to. Once you know this information, it will be much easier to craft your video.

A recent chart presented by Statista demonstrates video usage by age on the internet. As you probably expected, the younger the audience, the higher the video consumption. Millenials (18-34) watched the most video across every category but news, with Generation X (35-54). Baby Boomers (55+) watched the least video except in the news category, where they beat out Millenials but were still watching less video than Generation X.

Crafting Your Video

The chart on Statista is only one data source, but it demonstrates the importance of knowing your audience. For example, if you are trying to reach Baby Boomers, using a traditional video message including testimonials and expert commentary would probably be quite successful. This group is comfortable with this type of message – as demonstrated by the data.

In contrast, if you wanted to reach Millenials with a product related to news, you might need to take a different tack. According to Wideo, Millenials tend to prefer good design, graphics and visuals. This means talking heads are bound to be ineffective. Instead, opt for animations and creative graphics.

A Message Unique to Your Business

Ultimately the approach you use will be specific to your business and your audience. Failure to know that audience could result in lackluster results, so it is worth your time to know who you are speaking to. Once you do, you can craft the right kind of video.


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