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Events are a long procedure, they can take months to organise (or years in some cases) and they can cost companies an insane amount to host. So with all this money spent on the event, is it worth filming it? We offer comprehensive event filming services and want to show you the benefits of what filming an event can do for your business.

Reach new audience through filming an event

You’re hosting an event, you’ve got to show the world it’s happening – with filming an event, you can reach an enormous amount of potential viewers. You can upload the event to video sharing platforms such as Youtube for free and have your event potentially reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Imagine the cost of trying to get all those people into the same event physically, it would be insane! When filming an event, you don’t even have to wait for the event to have finished you can show people what they are missing right away – this video content can fall directly into your content marketing plan.

Your audience can re-watch and share

With events filming you can allow your audience to recap what happened at the event, you can split the video into key points to allow views to take away vital information. You can also get your audience to re-share your content to gain even more exposure.

Recoup the costs

Ok… events can be expensive, but when filming an event, you might be able to recoup some of the costs. Perhaps You can produce DVDs or use an on-demand service to sell your event…

Your fabulous video could event be used to market your NEXT event…!

You can use what was filmed at your event to produce a highlight video reel that can be used to market your next event. You can show potential attendees what they could gain from the event by showing them the highlights from the event and showing what they could gain from the event.

So is filming an event worth it? Yes! Its benefits easily outweigh its costs.

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