Mastercard Masters of Code Hackathon

What A Weekend!

This weekend, Biscuit Bunker had the privilege of shooting a documentary for Mastercard’s London Hackathon.

Impact Hub Westminster hosted over 100 developers, designers and entrepreneurs, competing for a trip to Silicon Valley where they will compete against the other global winners for a prize of $100,000.

So, What Is A Hackathon?

The concept of a hackathon is very simple. Developers, designers and entrepreneurs gather at a single location – to develop a solution in the form of an application in just 24 hours, it must also be fully functional!

Some attendees have already formed teams before coming to a hackathon, but the majority of people meet on the day and get hacking.

Some of the most well known apps have been born out of hackathons, one you might have heard of (of course you have!) is Snapchat.

What happened on the day?

Sponsored by Mastercard and TFL, the teams were given access to their payment platform API, Simplify Commerce and TFL’s travel API.

The teams spent 24 hours developing and designing with no sleep (although some may have cheated and gone home…!). The tension rose at around 12pm when the teams had finalised the idea that they wanted to develop and got down to the heavy coding.

The following day, they had to pitch their fully developed apps to a panel of industry leading developers and entrepreneurs.

Some incredible applications came out of this Masters of Code Hackathon. The London teams were commended for upholding their title as one of the most established technology hubs of the world.

The video…

We produced content that will be a part of a wider scale documentary, alongside a short form documentary showcasing the event as it unfolded.

We are really looking forward to the outcome of this video and the documentary. Watch this space as we will be posting the outcome when it is released.

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