We were asked to complete a short documentary film for Momentum Adventure – a luxury adventure travel company specialising on taking clients to unique destinations around the world.

Momentum Adventure had a journalist from the Wall Street Journal alongside them to see how it feels to embark on a Momentum Adventure Trip.

The logistics of this shoot were a challenge as we only had two crew members for the entire shoot – shooting interviews and adventure activities along the way.

We shot on the A7R2 for the ease of shooting both still photography and 4K video, the delivery was an array of travel photography to accompany the film.

The film was created to show the amazing scenery that Norway has to offer

Camera: Sony A7R2
Location: Alesund, Norway

Here are some images from the trip….

Sony A7R2

A time lapse being shot on a boat in the calm Fjord.


Sea Kayaking in the Fjords


Helicopter for some great aerial shots (and quick transport!)

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