Our story…

Our own story is very simple. We love to create cool video content. We love what we do. Biscuit Bunker was built on these foundations.

The skill set offered by those at Biscuit Bunker articulates these foundations – it’s about making brilliant video content that creatively delivers your message to people.

As a brand or business, you are in the business of solving problems. That’s our approach too. We identify with you what problems you need solving with video content and then fill that gap. Think of it as the missing puzzle piece to your business. And we’ll find it together.

What's in a name?

Biscuit Bunker began with founders Tom Neish and Elliott Hickey working from the basement of a converted dog biscuit factory in East London. We don’t work there anymore, but nothing’s really changed. We still want to impress your socks off. (And we’re still into biscuits.)

In fact, we’re no strangers to a biccie or several. You’ll never see us in the office or on a production without a biscuit within handy reach (or tea to dunk it into).

So when it comes to the creative crunch, we’re full of good taste (and sometimes chocolate chips).

Our Dunkology ethos

Talking of biscuits, we have an ethos. We call it Dunkology. It’s all about dipping into everything and exploring anything that can improve how we operate. And what we create. Dunkology reflects our values, our commitment to our clients and our way of working. We don’t think we’d survive without it, so we’ve put it here for you to see.


Passion means a lot of things to a lot of people. To us, it’s about telling the story. And telling it in a way that reflects you, your brand and the connection you have with your consumers. All through the story. We are PASSIONATE storytellers – without a story or a message to convey, a video is nothing.


Big things really can come in small packages. Being a smaller company, we can get things done with less pain and waffle – we are known for rapid turnaround times to conform to tight deadlines for advertising campaigns. We will commit to producing high- quality video content to your brief specifications. We’re proud to stay small, but we can easily adapt by scaling up and down as necessary.