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A cross section of what we do, this is a portal only accessible on request.


We’ve laid out what we feel is a strong selection of the work we’ve produced. What we make can vary, so we hope you find what you’re looking for here and more. We’re also more than happy to answer any specific questions regarding your project at your convenience.

HP / AngelHack

We stuck with HP & AngelHack for a 48 hour Hackathon in Google Campus, London, armed with C300's, GoPros and more.

Above is a snippet of Newsenses' interview - the winners of the event.

Momentum Adventure

Drones, GoPros, Slow Motion & 4K cameras came with us to Gloustershire to shoot some incredible KTM electric bikes and a custom Land Rover Bowler tear through the scenery.

Above is a segment from the KTM bikes doing what they do best.

Rethink Mental Illness / Purestone

A powerful day spent with real service users and real mental health professionals, we developed a training film for Rethink Mental Illness in conjuction with marketing agency Purestone.

Above is a piece of real service users discussing their daily struggles.


If you think this looks like a lot of fun - you'd be absoloutely right. This car is the real deal, and we had the pleasure of shooting it fly around High Wycombe with Paul Kilvington of design agency Kilvington.

Above is a few moments of the beast itself, and an Aston Martin.

Velon / Silk Road

Some of our animated offering, we developed this for Velon in conjunction with agency Silk Road, who are revolutionising the way we view cycling such as the iconic Tour de France.

Above is part of a pitch video we developed for them. This was done in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.


Sometimes a studio does just the trick. To help promote QDOS's curved screen protector, we shot a simple but strong video showing it off.

Above is a few moments from that video.

The 'reels

Video Production