Social Media Videos


Social media videos are fast becoming a standard for rapidly connecting with a mass audience. But attention span on social media is short. So the best videos for social media have to capture your audience’s attention quickly, and encourage them to take action and spread your brand message.

That’s why our social media videos make every second count. That’s why our social media videos are engaging and inspiring. And are perfectly designed to be sharable.

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Short Form Content

Social media video production is an incredible way of connecting with your followers on your social platforms. Social media users are known for their short attention spans – that’s why our social content is produced, to make the most of that brief time when we have your audience’s attention.

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A great way of marketing your long form content is to create micro edits. These videos are a stepping stone for your social media audiences to be connected to your longer form video.

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Social Platforms

We can create social media content across many platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine – you name it, we can create content for it and optimise it for full impact.