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Video can be a great marketing tool for businesses. In fact,By 2020, 82% of the world’s internet traffic will be video and 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with the best ROI, and it’s not just the professionals who love video, 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making a purchase decision online.

Video is no longer an up and comer, it’s here, right now. There has never been a better time for video. But how are you going to jump on the bandwagon and make a video, you’ve never made one before. Well don’t worry we are here to help, we have created a list of some of the best video resources for your video marketing (or you could also contact us and let us do all the hard work, that’s always an option).


“Wait… Youtube? Everyone knows about Youtube!” I hear you shout “How is Youtube one of the best video resources for my video marketing?!” I hear you continue to shout. Well everyone may know about youtube as a video sharing site but do you know of its value among your video resources?

Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind google, it is bigger than Bing, AOL, Yahoo and Ask combined, and it processed more than 3 billion searches. not only that but youtube has various integrated tools to help you with your video marketing, from SEO facilities to Video Editing capabilities.


Pexels is one of the most importantVideo Resources you should have in your collection, it is so useful in fact I am going to be using it in this very article.

Pexel has stock photos as well as stock footage that can be used by anyone royalty free, no need to give credit for their awesome work. Great if you need some b-roll or some background footage.


Magisto is an interesting app when it comes to video resources. It automatically edits your videos and pictures together, you provide the footage and pictures (or use the stock footage and pictures that Magisto provides) and it will analyse them, determine the best parts and edit the video. You can set the theme your want the video to have and what music you will like to have (again you can use music Magisto provides or you can provide your own) and voilà your very own video.

Have a look at the one I made using stock footage and pictures from Pexels as well as some of the stock footage and pictures provided by Magisto


Magisto can be used on a variety of devices including iPhone and Android devices as well as through a web browser on their website.

You start off with a free 7-day trial but after that, you have to pay, there are 3 pricing options all with various features. cheapest is $6 a month (or $36 for one year, or $120 for life).

Overall not a bad video resource and can be great if you need a video made quickly but it isn’t exactly the best when it comes to customisation. editing your videos is nearly impossible, all you can really do is change the timings of the footage shown.

Adobe Spark

At first, I was going to dismiss Adobe Spark as just another slideshow maker and not really something you should have among your video resources, I was wrong. It is so much more. It is fully featured and can help you make some impressive content for free in minutes. 

Spark Video

The first aspect of Adobe Spark is that it lets you create animated slideshow video in minutes. You can add your own pictures of pick from a collection of thousands. Same with music, add your own or use a song from their collection. You can also add your own voice over the slideshow, although you can only use your own voice, adobe won’t allow you to use a voice from their collection.  They may not let you use their voices but they will let your use a bunch of icons from their libraries.

Spark Video doesn’t let you film your own content or add your video footage but it is very simple to use and basic but great looking content can be created in minutes.

have a look at a mock video I made in a few minutes using a variety of pictures from Pexel as well as some from adobe’s collection.


Spark Post

Using Adobe Spark you can also make graphic posts for a variety of mediums such as social media, blogs, or anywhere you can think of really. Have a look at some content I made in under 5 minutes. 

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Thanks again to Tom for his inspirational quote.

Spark Pages

Ok, you made some great content with spark but where can you showcase it? Well, it turns out Adobe Spark has another feature you can take advantage of, Spark Pages.  

With Spark Pages, you can create your own blog post style page. Great if you want to show off something but don’t have a website. again, have a look at the one I made using only content from Pexels and Adobe spark here.


Powtoon is a great video resource that allows you to create animated explainers, infographics and presentation which can be used anywhere you wish including on your website or through social media channels. with a free account, you can have videos up to five minutes with a Powtoon watermark along with an outro

The editing process is involves picking a style and then adding different section templates such as an intro and a call to action and then changing the clipart that is on each section to one of your liking.

Have a look at the one I made in a couple of minutes.


WeVideo is an online video editing and collaboration tool, with cloud storage, a music library and editing on-the-go with a mobile app. The free version allows for five minutes of video publishing in 720p, with a watermark

This video resource will allow you to create awe-inspiring stories out of your footage and audio recording. its user-friendly interface makes video editing simple enough for even the least experienced to bumble through.

Have a look at what I made using We Video in a couple of minutes using stock footage from Pexels.


And there you have it, our list of just some of the best video resources for your video marketing. These will be great resources to introduce you to the wonderful world of video marketing, but if you feel you are a little over your head, or maybe you bit off more than you could chew, or perhaps you were thrown into the deep end don’t really know where to proceed, don’t forget you can always contact us about your video projects.

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