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Today, to differentiate themselves, companies need to find new ideas in terms of content (viral advertising, storytelling in videos, funny clips) but it’s now possible to stand out using technology! Actually, last year Youtube has introduced 360 videos and VR for its platform. Thanks to this new format, it’s now possible for the viewer to be completely immersed in a video. More than a simple spectator, the viewer becomes a real actor.

Here are our Top 5 VR and 360 videos :

5) GoPro VR: Skydiving with GoPro Bombsquad – A Virtual Reality Experience


In this clip called “Blue sky” and made by GoPro users, the spectator put himself in the position of a skydiver. We can easily look around by clicking on both sides of the video and admire the landscape while keeping an eye on the other parachutists who follow you in this vertiginous descent. This format is really interesting because the viewer can enhance his sensation and feel in real -time the same sensations as the main character when he is in action.

4) Grand Canyon 360º Video by 360 Labs


In the same spirit of the previous video, Grand Canyon 360 degrees offer another incredible experience. This time, we are settled behind a raft on a Grand Canyon river. At the beginning, the flow of the river is quite calm so the viewer can admire the relief and the colours of this outstanding place, but a few seconds later, the river was transformed into a torrent and it’s no longer a walk in the park but more an attraction worthy of the biggest amusement parks!

3) Red Bull F1 360° Experience


This clip was one of the first 360 videos on youtube, that is why the video became so viral. Set behind the wheel of a Red Bull Formula One car, you can discover all the bends and straights of the Rudkogen Motorsenter in Norway and let the driver guide you (don’t be scared! He doesn’t crash… normally ;))

2) 360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl


This 360 degrees video is a storytelling made by Google. In this clip, we follow a musician and his daughter who are  always travelling on the road. The spectator is obviously placed inside the car in front of the rear view mirror to follow the story of these two characters. This angle allows the viewer to be in the intimacy of the characters and the spectator can feel the sensations of the father and his daughter. With this video, the brand wants to promote 360 and virtual reality content and it works because the video was seen more than 600 000 times on Youtube in just one month!

1) Invasion! Sneak Peek 360


Invasion is our favourite video, It’s an animated film produced by the Madagascar studio. This short film was presented during the Tribeca Film festival this year and tell’s the story of two bunnies. Nothing special here you could say, but make no mistake! The funny thing is that you embody one of them! In this video, the two characters are trying to face aliens who are trying to invade the planet. We just realise after few seconds that these two creatures are absolutely innocuous and even funny sometimes. The video become viral because of its new format and reach almost one million views in just 3 months which is quite impressive!


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