Top Tips for your instagram campaign

Instagram is a great tool for businesses that is so often overlooked. There are over 500 million users, and half of those users actively follow a brand! So why is it so often overlooked? If you’re one of those companies holding off on starting an Instagram campaign we are here to help. Here are some tips for your social media Instagram campaign!

Set out clear goals for your Instagram campaign.

make sure you plan your Instagram campaign, don't just do things for the sake of doing things

Make sure you plan your Instagram campaign, don’t just do things for the sake of doing things

Why are you using Instagram and not some other social media platform? Don’t do things for the sake of doing things. Make sure you have your goals clear and set out before you start. Are you trying to showcase your products? Increase awareness or brand loyalty? Build a community?

But which goal should you pick?

Your goals will define your strategy and dictate what content you create for Instagram. With so many goals to pick, make sure that your goal is best for your business and brand and showcases exactly what you want – but make sure you have one before you start using Instagram and start your Instagram campaign.

Look at this happy chappy, perfect for your Instagram campaign showing the people behind the company

Look at this happy chappy, perfect for your Instagram campaign showing the people behind the company

Include Faces In Your Posts

Give your posts a personal taste by including a friendly face. According to Georgia Tech, pictures with faces get 38% more likes and 32% more comments than those without, so don’t be shy and get your face on Instagram! Perhaps show some of the people behind the company (you know, the ones doing all the work). Show the world you’re not just some faceless organisation.  

What’s Your Content Strategy?

Time for the important stuff, content is the heart and soul of Instagram, but what content should you share? Before you start thinking about what your visual styles, fonts, and colours you need to know what kind of content to create and share.

Some brands have their Instagram focus on their products, others focus on their community, and you can also focus on sharing your experiences visually through Instagram.  

There is no be all and end all to the type of content that you create and share, it will vary business to business. You could share images that show the human side of your business, you could show images from “behind the scenes” or use it to showcase your services (just like us!). There is a lot of opportunity on Instagram.

Include Hashtags, #Lots #of #Hashtags!

Hashtags are an important part of social media. They allow Instagram users to discover content and accounts if used correctly. According to Track Maven, posts that have over 11 hashtags tend to get more engagement.

remember that visual content works best for you Instagram campaign

Visual content will work best for your Instagram campaign

However just because more hashtags do better don’t just include any random hashtags. Do some research into which hashtags work best, look at what other people are doing in your industry and which hashtags are the most active.

Your Instagram Campaign Should Have A Visual Focus

Most importantly your Instagram content should be visual! Your pictures and videos should tell your brand’s story visually. Quality interactions begin with quality content, and it’s not just about your products, Instagram has the ability to capture people, places, passions, as well as products. Use a mixture of these to engage with consumers.


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