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In this guest post, Limelight – a London based PR and Communications agency, discusses how to introduce video to your wider communications strategy effectively. Limelight is one of our agency partners who we work with to provide business videos for their clients.

We as a business look for new and innovative ways for both us and our clients to grow, video stands out as the new big thing to give viewers a fun and quick glimpse into your company without inundating them with facts and figures.

At Limelight, we believe that video content is an important tool for a brand’s online identity in such a competitive landscape and should be a key part of your overall communications strategy. 2016 has been the year of video marketing so far, and it is predicted that by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video is the ideal way to create a call-for-action, share your brands history, values, purpose and mission. According to this slideshare, companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.

Online video has been called the future of content marketing and is vital for a successful communications strategy. It is not implausible to imagine that in five years’ time you could be watching this blog, not reading it. In the future, could your brands PR be all visual? We suspect not in its entirety, but it’ll certainly be a major player.

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Video can be very effective in your communications strategy.

Video and content marketing are perfect partners in the mission to get your brand in front of the right audience. Alongside more traditional communication methods, we suggest clients create a supporting video to help communicate their message. For example, we use it to present results to our clients and showcase the work we do in a fun 2-3 minute video, which is accompanied by the more detailed traditional report, to create a lasting, memorable impact. We’ve also created video testimonials and case studies to allow potential clients to view our expertise in an easy to digest, visual medium – making it much more intriguing than the traditional methods.

As with any new and exciting tool, businesses are quick to jump on the bandwagon with not much strategic thought into how and why this could help your marketing or communication efforts. Video is not designed to replace the written word, rather enhance it. ‘Content’ should still take the most suitable form and we should not make a video because it’s the latest thing to do. It is important to consider all of the channels within the communications suite and decide which method will convey your message or story the best whilst working in line with your communications strategy.. PR, social media, blogging, events and video are all still worthy channels in their own right – and when considering them all in tandem you can be assured your communications plan will be a strong one.

Working alongside Biscuit Bunker to create videos for sister company Creative Business Leaders is a great example of how video can be used as part of a marketing and PR strategy, using video interviews with respective heads of businesses to deliver key messages. This is then supported via a newsletter and online blog – therefore utilising the benefits of all channels.

If your PR and marketing campaign has been running an ongoing campaign, don’t be afraid to refresh or reboot your campaign based on your changing audience. Embrace video as part of your wider communication strategy and the possible results are endless.

To discuss your communication strategy requirements, contact Limelight at business@limelightpr.co.uk


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