Video marketing is very popular this year and you NEED to be doing it! Even if it’s just the video marketing basics!

In case you didn’t know, it’s not as simple as uploading your video to YouTube and hoping for the best.

Here are some tips to make sure you are creating the right content for your brand and nailing the video marketing basics;

Choosing a topic

Show your audience how to solve or do a task

The best way for you to capture the attention of your audience is to show them how to do something – you can show them how to solve a problem or create an object. Focus on solving problems with your videos and your ideas will build from there.

Showcase the behind the scenes procedure

If your company focuses on creating and producing different products, you can show the audience how a certain product is made. This will establish a trust between you and your clients.

Tell a story

Make sure that your video content tells a story – don’t scream and shout at your viewers as they won’t listen. Telling people about your brand with storytelling is the perfect way of grabbing attention.

Showcase a new product

Don’t always focus on promotional videos for video marketing. You can showcase a new products too. You could create a video on the features of a new particular product.

With all of this you need to get your video SEEN.

Choosing a platform

There are so many different social media channels that you can choose to use to promote your video, you’ll need to choose one which suits you, your company AND your content – difficult task, I know.

Each platform has different average engagement length and restrictions – figure out where your audience lives online and where they are most likely to come across your content and how easy it is for them to share from that platform.

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