Here’s your 101 when it comes to YouTube SEO. Just because you’ve made a sweet video and uploaded it on to YouTube, it doesn’t mean that it will get seen! But you already knew that right? How can you get the attention your video deserves and reach new audiences through organic search?

The secret lies in the SEO.

YouTube SEO isn’t just about viewer discovery in search. The SEO on a video will affect which videos it will show up as related, adverts used on the video and a lot of other factors.

YouTube SEO Basics

There are three basic factors you will need to consider when doing the basic SEO on your video,

The Title

The title of the video; many people tend to create a general title for their videos. To get the best ranking you should use keywords within the title.

The description

This is what will give people an idea of what your video is all about. Your description should be short and precise and contain the keywords you want your video to be found with.

The tags

When you are creating the tags, you need to ensure that you have included the relevant keywords

Now that you have created a video and set up your keywords, it is time for you to promote it! Send it out to your existing database and ask for them to share it around. Without viewer engagement, such as views, likes and comments, your video won’t show up in the search results.

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