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Google: Concept Black Friday

Working with Google, we developed future concept work for their upcoming Black Friday event. The project was to develop creative from scratch that would align with Google's retail and eCommerce values whilst differentiating from previous years events.



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About This Project.

Using Google's brand guidelines as a jumping off point, the task was to create various assets across their identity. We worked to create data visualisation concepts, iconography and host frames to be used in the remote event.

A big part of Google's Black Friday event is data. We developed various assets to aid the event data storytelling. These assets ranged from bar charts, word clouds and other methods to convey large amounts of data in a way that is quick and easy to digest as a viewer.

The event was to have several hosts throughout and Google needed a way to explain who they are and what they did without distracting from the event. We created a number of display frames to house the host of the event in.

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