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The Biscuit Bunker Crew.


Biscuit Bunker is an experienced and dedicated full-service video production company based in London.  We have an expansive skillset and portfolio of work, across a large variety of clients. Established in 2014, Biscuit Bunker was founded to follow our passions – creating compelling and effective video content for great clients in London, the United Kingdom and worldwide.

We love what we do – and we’d love to speak with you.

Our Team

Our team is built of passionate individuals who follow our desire to create. Highly experienced in creating content for brands and agencies, our team have worked extensively across a large range of projects – from the initial spark through to delivery. When working with us, we can guarantee you are working with a team that genuinely cares.


Office Product of the Year Awards

Commercial Campaign of the Year

Biscuit Dunking Champion ’98

Longest held bourbon dunk

Most sit ups before breakfast


VideoProduction/Animation/MotionGraphics/ConceptDevelopment/CreativeStrategy/Pre-production/Storyboarding/IdeaGen/Photography/Production/Post-production/Editing/Sound Design/Colour Grading/AndMore

Tom Neish

Co-founder, Director

Elliott Hickey

Co-founder, Director

Sam Roffey

Producer, AD

Emily Nolan


Want to create or collaberate? Get in touch.