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AVON: Animated Social Content

We were tasked to produce several animated social assets to support a TVC for AVON’s new mascara and lipstick range. They needed to be eye-catching and allow the audience to engage organically with them in a number of ways, by either commenting or sharing them with friends.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Based on demographic research, AVON gave us target personas that use their social channels. Using these personas we produced over 10 concepts that would resonate with them, one being an algebra puzzle that they could answer on their social feed and share with friends.

These videos were due for release in January, so we tied the idea in typical January social trends, such as a #JanuaryShowers. This idea was the mascara ‘raining’ on the screen to allow them to promote it on a day that was torrential rain across the UK - thus getting more attention.

All of the concepts we produced were designed to get people to interact with them and share them with friends. We storyboarded all the concepts beforehand ahead of animating them to make sure we had a coherent theme through all their assets in the campaign.

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