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AVON: Lipstick Commercial

AVON approached us to produce and direct a commercial for their new mascara range. They were looking to build a collateral of video assets alongside their TVC piece that would show off its USP’s. All creative was developed from being given just the product, USP’s and a pressing deadline. These adverts featured heavy VFX to show various scenarios where your lips may be dry, with sand, snow and ice compsitied onto our models lips.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

AVON’s requirement was eye-catching adverts that would work well across social channels. The final concepts were to be sand, ice and snow digitally composed onto our models lips. After the model touches her lips with the new lipstick, the sand, ice and snow all disappear.

Shot in a bespoke Shoreditch studio, these concepts were shot in a fully-lit studio environment with VFX supervisors on set to make sure we were capturing what we needed to suitably track the various elements onto our models face.

The final concepts were broken down into three separate films for each different element that was tracked to our models face, along with a full film created that merges them all together. They were used for paid advertising spend across AVON’s social channels.

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