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Barclays: My Working Day

A film produced for award-winning content agency Speak Media for their client Barclays. This film features Afam, an employee taking us through his typical working day, his approach, motivations and how Barclays is there to support him in and outside of work.


Concept Development

Private project – please contact to request access.

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About This Project.

Shot in a single, busy day in and around the Barclays building and the surrounding Canary Wharf, this video was filmed with a small crew to accommodate moving around a busy office building and to not get in anyone's way.

We wanted to position our interview subject, Afam, as a hero in his own right. A champion employee. As part of this, we opted to show some behind the scenes footage in the main film, along with showing him against instantly recognisable landmarks to give a sense of grandeur.

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