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Barclays: Explainer Animation

Working with award-winning content agency Speak Media, we created an animated character explainer video for Barclays that was used to share and inform the role of the compliance team throughout the organisation and the career academy they offer to their employees.



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About This Project.

Using a script developed by Speak Media, we worked together to produce a storyboard that fit what they were looking to convey in a clear and concise format. The storyboard was initially hand drawn, and then produced with vector based illustrations created against the Barclays brand guidelines.

We created over 90% of the assets seen within the film, all inspired from brand guidelines and bespoke to the requirements of the script. The assets and illustrations were handed over to Barclays for future use by their teams to use and develop as they wish.

The three-minute animation featured fun and polished character-based motion which required a dedicated character rigger, along with sets such as the world of the future and Cambridge University. We also developed a diagram to visualise the CCA and its tiers for the film.

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