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WIldstone: Billboard Commercial

The challenge was set - how to launch a next generation OOH billboard in a way the industry had never seen before. We were tasked with delivering a 60” spot to usher in the future of programmatic advertising, soon to replace the typical paper and paste billboard you see day to day.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

We delivered a fresh approach to the billboard sector, envisioning the launch of the BladeRS as a modern technology product akin to Apple or Google, doing away with the static, traditional ways new innovations are presented to the market.

Filmed in a large studio, the production featured a runway of Astera Titans, drawing the eyes and building anticipation towards the product reveal, along with two Arri M18’s positioned behind the billboard, powerfully silhouetting it. Elements such as feathers and prisms were shot at high speed and cut in to insinuate the benefits of the product.

Post-Production took place at CODA, at breakneck speed. We locked the edit in only two days, which was then graded and mixed the following day, delivering just a week after production had wrapped.

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