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Burnies: Charity Film

This short-form documentary was created for Burnies Foundation to raise further awareness for the charity, along with a fundraising campaign. Shot in Romania and Norfolk, it tells the emotional story of how they rescue dogs from the streets and rehome them in the UK.


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About This Project.

Shot on location in Romania at a dog sanctuary, this film tells us how Romaina’s stray dog problem leads to many dogs being culled, and what the foundation is doing to make an impact. Burnies Foundation, named after the founders’ own rescue dog, rehomes Romainan strays in the UK.

We needed to be very light and agile while shooting, with just a producer and director on location - we travelled across several locations in Romania conducting interviews with various team members.

To tell the full story, we also went to Norfolk to see the animal sanctuary where the funding that Burnies has raised is being used to support a variety of animals, such as cats, geese, horses and a number of other animals.

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