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dotdigital: Explainer Animation

Working with dotdigital, we created an explainer film for their sales team to perform outreach to potential clients. Designed to be an eye-catching overview of dotdigital's services, we produced and directed this animation including the scripting, design, animation and sound design.


Voice Over

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About This Project.

Using the dotdigital brand guidelines, we developed a futuristic-feeling tone for the illustrations throughout. The illustrations developed were used as benchmark graphics for where the brand could go from the standard guidelines.

Although we steered clear of any direct platform showcase, we wanted to reflect some of the UI that dotdigital uses in various reporting formats. We mocked up campaign reports to show in a UI fashion to give viewers a sense of what the platform includes.

The final part of the animation was to add the sound design. We wanted to create a full-sounding space and technology feel to give the sense of scale and vastness of the product.

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