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dotdigital: Event Animation

This informational, silent animation was developed for use specifically on exhibition stands across the world. Our brief was to deliver a four minute looping film that would allow passers-by and engaged attendees to be given an overview into dotdigital and engage further with those at the stands.



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About This Project.

Initially, we met with dotdigital to understand the project and really get to know who they are. It was imperative that we understood their product first hand to be able to distill and develop their whole offering into fresh creative.

Before we started on any motion design, we developed and storyboarded the project. Getting sign off is critical before motion design begins as our work featured bespoke illustrations that worked against a set of newly set dotdigital brand guidelines.

The video featured case studies and needed to work at events across multiple countries, therefore requiring versioning for different territories. These case studies were interchanged for various deliverables to ensure they were relevant to the corresponding audience.

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