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dotdigital: Website Animation

Working with dotdigital, this full service, animated character explainer video needed to introduce their offering to website visitors. Dotdigital were looking to push the boundaries of their guidelines and creative, and host a unique film that would have them stand apart from other services on the market.


Voice Over

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About This Project.

Beginning with a fresh script and hand-drawn illustrations, we crafted a new style for the brand. We created character-based scenes to inform visitors about their full offering, from their global teams to the bespoke service they offer.

From storyboards through to delivery, we worked closely with dotdigital to make sure a developing creative was implemented and that the objectives of the film were met. We also sourced various examples of VO artists that would work to explain this film, choosing a warm and inviting voiceover to tell the story.

The final touches to the film included music sound effects that really brings the animation to life, resulting in a film that stands front and centre on the dotdigital website.

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