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EE: 5G Makers

An event film created with Goldbug, for the launch of EE’s 5G Makers, an internal program where employees are being taught about their first to market 5G service. EE staff members gathered at Wembley stadium for a first-hand introduction on what to expect with the launch and how to speak with fellow employees about the offering.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Our role was to film the briefing sessions from various speakers at the event, teaching the staff about EE’s 5G offering and allowing them to be equipped for future interactions. The EE attendees were staff from up and down the country, to spread the word everywhere that 5G has arrived.

EE, sponsors of Wembley stadium, arranged for us to have access to the centre pitch box at Wembley Stadium. Being the only people on the grounds, we got permission to film pitch side and throughout the building - a perfect setup for interviews.

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