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Ideal: Shredder Commercials

How do you take the office paper shredder and advertise it in a way that’s humorous, engaging and direct? We delivered six award-winning commercials for ideal - each focusing on a different benefit of the product, to great success.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

We were engaged with ideal. from the get-go, developing concepts and scripts around their briefed selling points, working with their teams stateside to refine and present storyboards that met and exceeded expectations.

Working around a tight production schedule of just two days, we developed minimalist, open plan sets with our production designer which were discussed at length. Using a white cove, we were able to effectively break down and build up new sets at breakneck speed.

Production was never dull, and over the two days we brought in skateboarders, child talent, confetti cannons, a hamster and even a gladiator! All these elements combined created a re-imagining of shredder advertising.

Want to create or collaborate?