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Men's Health: Intro to Enduro

A short film created to support a Men’s Health Magazine article that was designed to bring attention to the sport of Enduro mountain biking. The aim - to give their audience a new perspective on the sport and show that it is accessible to all.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Shot over two days in the Cotswolds, we spanned many miles covering two downhill Enduro racers as they crossed various terrains. We needed to be light and agile on the shoot, everything we were using had to be hauled across terrain designed and built for mountain bikes.

The film was tied together with interviews with our two Enduro riders. These interviews were conducted in a studio environment. This was an aesthetic choice to give the story another dimension ‘off-the-tracks’.

Safety was number one priority on the shoot. Our riders were professional riders that had ridden these routes many times before. Knowing that cameras and crew could prove a distraction, ahead of filming we received the location with them to ensure we kept it as safe as possible

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