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MAJI: Feature Documentary

MAJI is a feature documentary, Produced by Biscuit Bunker in association with TGB Films and West One Entertainment, looking at the global water crisis - and how countries across the world are experiencing problems - from droughts to flooding - in different ways. The film takes a closer look at these issues from the perspective of five countries; Nepal, Jordan, USA, Iceland and Uganda. It follows non-athlete, Leo Gripari, taking on a physical challenge in each location to raise money and awareness for sustainable water projects around the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.


Prod: Biscuit Bunker
Dir: Charli Doherty
DoP: Richard Jephcote

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About This Project.

'MAJI' represents a logistical marvel, spanning four continents in its creation. Our team skillfully handled international equipment carnets and tackled the challenges of filming in multiple countries. This journey, marked by weeks of intricate planning in diverse locations, exemplifies our dedication to capturing the global water crisis.

In 'MAJI', we present a mosaic of voices from around the globe. Our interviews feature experts and community leaders, from American ecologists to Icelandic glaciologists. Their unique perspectives enrich our narrative, shedding light on the multifaceted water crisis.

The cinematography in 'MAJI' is a visual triumph. Armed with Blackmagic Design's advanced technology, we captured breathtaking landscapes and poignant moments. Each scene underscores the urgency of the water crisis, making 'MAJI' a visually stunning and impactful documentary.

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