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Ocryl: Product Films

Working with Wizzard, we shot and delivered two videos for Ocryl, a medical product designed to clean unsightly tear stains around the eyes of dogs. The films feature Chrissie, a brand advocate that uses Ocryl for her Bichon Frise showing off the benefits of the product and also how it’s used, along with a demonstration by a veterinarian while explaining the benefits.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Shot in Torquay, our shoot was split up into two parts. We began our day with an interview with Chrissie, our Ocyrl brand advocate, where we also captured some additional footage. We then visited a local veterinary clinic where we were shown proper application, and further information on the product that dog owners should be aware of.

We wanted to show our customer enjoying time with their dog. We filmed Chrissie taking her dog for a walk by the beach, in parks and spending time with them in and out of her home to round out the story.

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