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Papirfly: Vodafone Case Study

As part of our relationship with Papirfly, we produce a series of customer advocacy videos, speaking with their clients to champion how they use the product and how it enriches their everyday working life. This case study with Vodafone was produced at their head office in London.



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About This Project.

A key challenge of the production process is pinning down time with our interview subjects. This means we have to be very light and agile in our setup, with usually a short notice period ahead of filming. We usually arrive on location with more prep time than usual, to accommodate for our subjects needing to walk in and be on camera within a short time.

Before we launched this series of videos with Papirfly, we created a brand asset pack featuring introduction logo and outro idents, along with a lower thirds pack that would be used consistently across all future Papirfly videos.

The final videos produced have several social cut-downs in a variety of aspect ratios for social channels, both square and widescreen. We use graphics to highlight pull-quotes from the film and animate them to appear on screen.

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