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Wildstone: Pulse Smart Hub

On the streets of Belfast, a groundbreaking smart cities product can be found throughout the city centre. The Pulse Smart Hub provides timely wayfinding, local events, weather information and even a defibrillator free of charge to all, and we went over to capture the launch.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Over four days, we comprehensively shot a vast amount of footage of the city and the hubs, including hard to capture drone footage right over the city centre, timelapses, ground footage and photography to show the vibrant city with its new smart cities centre.

As part of our brief, we resourced local extras to capture tutorials of the six core features of the hub to clearly demonstrate the ease of use and variety of ways the hub is applicable to everyday life.

We also recorded interviews with those across the project, from the internal team through to the Mayor of Belfast, local police, ambulance, and charity sectors which the hub launched in close collaboration with.

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