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SikSilk: Future Trends

A nationwide competition going into schools across the UK, we created a film in conjunction with Box to Box to launch the search for the future generation of fashion designers.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Working closely with Box to Box, we developed a film which introduced the competition to viewers and shared with them the design process - how a piece of clothing evolves from a sketch to the final item on the shop floors.

To enhance the footage captured at the SikSilk offices in Scarborough, we developed and animated motion graphics. These included animating previously created slides from the Box to Box team to break up the film, and also involved creating graphics from scratch that were tracked and embedded into the film.

We filmed each sequence in a controlled lighting environment to put a huge emphasis on the process behind creating the SikSilk range. Designers from SikSilk showed us how they approach each step of the production of a garment.

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