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Tech 21: Christmas Campaign

Ramping up their Christmas campaign, agency Tug alongside phone protection titans Tech 21 wanted to show off their new iPhone X cases and screen protectors in five traditional yuletide scenarios, with even Santa himself not being able to hold on to his shiny new device!


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Pulling off Christmas Day and New Years Eve in early November is always unusual, but our production designers were able to turn an undecorated location into the occasion overnight, allowing crew to arrive and begin taking our first shots within just two hours.

It’s a bold claim for a manufacturer to live up to, but we dropped brand new iPhone’s over 100 times throughout the shoot day, getting them just right, scuffing freshly wrapped presents and smashing tiles in the process. The iPhones, however, worked like a charm.

After a tight but successful shoot day, we delivered the short films in both widescreen, square and portrait, ready for social, supporting their national OOH campaign to great success.

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