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Thames Water: Brand Film

For Thames Water’s 2020-2025 plan, they put the customer, renewable energy and responsible water usage at the forefront, and in conjunction with agency Goldbug, we developed a film for them to launch with - taking us from their call centre to their sewage treatment plants and beyond.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

From the get-go, it was clear people were to be at the heart of this project. We filmed with real Thames Water customers and employees for authenticity - alongside schoolchildren at one of their real educational centres.

Shot over several shooting days, Thames Water were looking to capture the full scale of the service they provide, which meant mobilising crews to go across locations throughout London, Sewage Treatment Centres, Educational Facilities and reservoirs using ground filming equipment as well as drones.

A frequently evolving project, we reacted to a developing brief throughout production, re-editing and developing the script and footage to meet ever-changing requirements. Finally, post-production was completed at Fifty-Fifty where we locked edit, along with sound design and colour grade.

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