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Silk Road: The Set

Once a popular film studio, The Set is now a modern, luxury property in the heart of Battersea. We delivered a set of four films as part of Silk Road’s marketing collateral for the property unveiling the heart of Battersea, the history of the studio and the future of the development.


Concept Development

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About This Project.

Shot over three days, we recorded interviews in an architect’s studio, hired space in Battersea and finished in a local trendy bar. As added touches, we also sourced traditional film cameras and lights to bring the original aesthetic of the studio to our interviews.

Recalling the history of the studio, we took stock imagery and brought it to life, animating photos of famous people who had been there, adding fire to Gordon Ramsey, lights and smoke to Razorlight and film grain to Michael Caine.

We also took a day to capture footage of the local area for our interview with Savills. Our journey took us through Chelsea, Battersea, Battersea Park and finished in Clapham for any prospective buyers blitz tour of the area.

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