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Wildstone: Investment Film

A film created for Wildstone to show their unique proposition to investors, this film featured several location shoots around the UK, highlighting Wildstones' multitude of outdoor advertising billboard sites.


Brand Film
Drone Footage

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About This Project.

This project had several shooting days up and down the UK. In offices, on public highways and in shopping centres capturing a range of footage, including unique drone footage. The aim - to show the brilliant team behind Wildstone along with the reach and placement of their billboards.

The key way to highlight the traffic of billboard sites is via timelapses. We placed ourselves strategically near the Wildstone sites to make sure we were capturing it from the passer-by, whether that be footfall or a car passengers perspective, capturing stunning timelapses.

We also needed to show the hustle and bustle of the office, so we used in-camera transitions to truly represent what it’s like at Wildstone on a typical working day (Without our camera kit taking up all the space!).

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